Related resources

  • VISTA: visualize gene expression data on a “spatial heatmap”. Contains data from the CeNGEN project.
  • Wormatlas: behavioral and structural anatomy of C. elegans and other nematodes.
  • Wormbase: compendium of nematode biology. In particular, gene expression data based on CeNGEN and other transcriptomic datasets.
  • WormWiring: nematode connectomics.
  • WormGUIDES: neurodevelopmental atlas.
  • NemaNode: C. elegans neuronal wiring.
  • Wormbase single-cell portal: Integration of several worm scRNA-Seq datasets.

Other C. elegans scRNA-Seq datasets

  • Embryo (Packer, J.S., Zhu, Q., et al., 2019) in VisCello
  • Embryo (Tintori et al., 2016) in VisCello
  • L2 (Cao et al., 2017) in VisCello
  • Young adults (Ghaddar et al., 2023): website
  • Adult motor neurons of the ventral nerve cord (Smith et al., 2023): website
  • Aging adults (Roux et al., 2023) website