Single-cell RNA-Seq

The results of the scRNA-Seq can be explored through the web app:

In addition, this data is available in a spatial context in the VISTA app (Liska et al., 2023), and on Wormbase gene pages, in the Expression widget.

Help and documentation:

You can also download a local version following the instructions here.

We have performed 10x single-cell RNA-Seq on FACS-isolated neurons. Using 100,955 sequenced cells from 17 experiments, 128 neuronal classes have been identified and computationally assigned to a cluster based on their gene expression fingerprint.

We additionally validated the neuronal classes identified by creating novel expression markers, and compared our results to bulk-RNA-Seq on sorted neurons from 8 classes. We performed several additional analyses, described in the associated paper and preprint.

The raw sequencing results are available on GEO (GSE136049), we also created a user-friendly Web interface to interrogate the dataset (see above). More advanced users who wish to download a local version of the Web app can follow the instructions here.

As described in the paper, we also performed an analysis of cis-regulatory motifs (see Figures 6 and S7). Detailed results and data is available on this page.