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International C. elegans meeting 2021

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International C. elegans meeting 2019


160 bulk samples (covering 41 neuron types) were integrated with the single-cell data (see below) to improve accuracy. Integrated counts contain fewer samples and cell types than either source: cell types were included only if there were > 1 replicate for both sources, and the number of replicates in the integrated data is equal to the lower number of replicates in either source. The datasets are:

The single-cell sequencing data is available under several formats:

In addition,

  • The gene models used for alignment were based on the Wormbase WS273 GTF with extended 3’UTRs. These updated gene models are included with the single-cell GEO dataset.
  • For comparison of scRNA-Seq and bulk RNA-Seq, 29 samples corresponding to 8 neuron classes were also described in the paper. The raw reads are uploaded on GEO (GSE169137), and the count matrix can be downloaded here.

Older Datasets are also available on