The CeNGEN project

International Worm Meeting 2021

During our workshop at the IWM 2021, we will make live demonstrations of the web app. Please submit questions on the online form that you would like to see addressed.

Other presentations:

  • Erdem Varol, A computational approach linking neuron-specific gene expression with connectivity, Talk 20Synaptic Function and Circuits, June 21
  • Lidia Ripoll-Sánchez, Mapping the neuropeptidergic connectome of Caenorhabditis elegans, Talk 22 Synaptic Function and Circuits, June 21
  • Alec Barrett, Integrating bulk and single cell transcriptomics for accurate detection of tissue-specific gene expression, Poster 568A, June 21st
  • Seth Taylor, Molecular topography of an entire nervous system, Poster 837C, June 23rd

Single-cell data released

See the corresponding page for details on how to explore the dataset. See our preprint for the full set of analyses.

Differential gene expression defines individual neuron types and determines how each contributes to circuit physiology and responds to injury and disease. The C. elegans Neuronal Gene Expression Map & Network (CeNGEN) is working to establish a comprehensive gene expression atlas of an entire nervous system at single-neuron resolution.

Two approaches are being used:

1) single-cell RNA-Sequencing, which allows the identification of each neuronal class;

2) deep bulk RNA sequencing of sorted neurons from each class enables full characterization of its transcriptome and of non-coding RNAs.

You can find a full description in Hammarlund, Marc et al., Neuron, Volume 99, Issue 3 430-433, doi:10.1016/j.neuron.2018.07.042

This project was made possible by the support of the NIH NINDS (grant R01NS100547) and the C. elegans research community.